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Menú Azteca items are intended to honor and celebrate Aztec culture. In collaboration with SDSU's Aztec Identity Initiative, Menú Azteca provides choices that are authentic to or inspired by the indigenous Mexica people (known as Aztecs) and the ancestral locations of the greater Aztec Empire.

"Aztec Authentic" items are identified on our menus with the icon for corn from the Aztec sun-center (calendar). "Aztec-Inspired" items are identified with the modern icon for a nopal (cactus).

Tamal Azteca (V, GF, corn icon): A truly "Aztec Authentic" item. The vegan Tamal Azteca only uses ingredients that would have been available to indigenous Mexica people (known as Aztecs) prior to European contact. The Aztec people were known to enjoy tamales (tamallis) very similar to this tamal.
Ingredients: corn tamal, mole negro, roasted poblano, nopalitos slaw.
Stadium location(s): Ultra Classics | Luxury Suites

Chapulines Azteca nopal icon: This "Aztec-Inspired" menu item features toasted grasshoppers from the Oaxaca region of Mexico, the ancestral home of the Zapotec and Mixtec people who were tributary states in the Aztec Empire. The Aztecs and other people of Mesoamerica were known to enjoy grasshoppers (tapachichi in Nahuatl) and its protein-rich descendant, chapulines, continues to be popular throughout Mexico but is of particular importance in the cuisine of Oaxaca to this day.
Ingredients: Oaxacan toasted grasshoppers, roasted peanuts, chili pepper, lime, garlic, onion, salt.
Stadium location(s): Ultra Classics

Chocolatl Azteca (VG, nopal icon): This "Aztec-Inspired" truffle is infused with chili pepper. The Mexica people, known as Aztecs, offered a spicy chocolate and chili drink to their guests as a sign of welcome and trust.
Ingredients: chocolate, cocoa, cayenne chili pepper, cream.
Stadium location(s): Market | Luxury Suites

Dietary Preferences Key:

  • Vegan (V)
  • Vegetarian (VG)
  • Gluten Free (GF)
  • Non-Dairy (ND)

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