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The Board of Directors of Aztec Shops consists of the President of San Diego State University (or designee), the President of Associated Students (or designee), the Vice President of Student Affairs, the Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs, three members nominated by the President of San Diego State University, and five members nominated by the President of Associated Students. The Board makes major policy decisions, approves wage and benefit policies, and allocates earnings. Board meetings are held throughout the year and are open to the campus and community.


Bill Earley
Alumnus, Community Board Member

Xavier Leasau-Aguilar
Student Board Member

Joey Lucero
Student Board Member

Dr. Seth Mallios
University Board Member

Tom McCarron
University Board Member
Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs

Tyler Morgan
Alumnus, Community Board Member

Tomison Osinfolarin
Student Board Member

Steven Plante
Student Board Member

Christy Samarkos
University Board Member
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Brittany Santos-Derieg
President's Designee

Chris Thomas
President, Associated Students, Student Board Member

Carl Winston
University Board Member
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management


Todd Summer
Chief Executive Officer

Heather Hawkins
Director, Financial Services/Controller

Kathy Brown
Director, Campus Stores Division

Jennifer Lakin
Director, Management Services

Paul Melchior
Director, SDSU Dining

Jahan Jamshidi
Director, Information Technology

R.D. Williams
Director, Business Development & Contract Housing