San Diego State University Aztec Shops Logo.

A photo of Aztec Union Student Center banner.

Mission Statement

Aztec Shops provides high-quality, customer-based support services to the San Diego State University community. These services will be self-sustaining, innovative and responsive to the changing needs of the university community, enhancing the quality and affordability of every student’s educational experience. Aztec Shops values candor, responsibility, equity, diversity and integrity.

Corporate Goals

  1. To advance and support the goals of the university at every opportunity.
  2. To ensure the long-term/on-going financial stability of Aztec Shops and its ability to meet its obligations to the campus community, its customers, its employees, and its own need to provide for capital and other expenses.
  3. To define and accomplish a program of controlled, consistent, goal-oriented growth and change.
  4. To define and continually strive to provide optimal customer service, which delivers an appropriate variety of quality, convenient services and enables Aztec Shops to achieve its other goals.
  5. To enhance and maintain constructive and cooperative relationships with students, faculty, staff and all other campus partners.
  6. To emphasize and enable flexible, coordinated, improvement-oriented and balanced management practices, procedures and systems by:
    1. Motivating all Aztec Shops’ staff to perform their assigned roles effectively and, providing a positive employee-oriented organizational environment which is sensitive to individual employees and which encourages their personal and vocational/professional growth.
  7. To provide rewarding and challenging employment opportunities for enrolled students.
  8. To evaluate and promote responsible technological solutions and implement those appropriate to the educational mission.
  9. To value diversity and strive for a workforce that reflects the campus community.
  10. To effectively inform the campus community of our purposes, activities and achievements.